Moments you will cherish the rest of your life


I try to see life, people, emotions in a simple, positive way. This feeling didn’t change or transform in my photos for 10 years, being a professional wedding photographer.  I look forward unopposed emotions, smiles, sincere and sensitive vibrations on the Wedding day. 


Before the ceremony

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The ceremony

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Time for two

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Evening time

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Documentary family photography is about happiness and love, chaos and drama the same time. It is not about blurry backgrounds. In this style of photography backgrounds are highlighted and adds another deeper dimension, to find there something, we overlook in daily life. 

What inspires me to create the images in the way I do?  Childhood by itself. I can see childhood as a most positive period of person’s life. Because at that time child has less reproach and more hopes for life. In childhood daily life happens right here right now: moods, emotions, relationships, brilliant ideas, freedom. All this dynamics exists in each every family. It’s mine, as a photographer’s choice, to select particular moments, to tell family story. So I chose positive ones.

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I am Laima Drukneryte, a professional wedding and family photographer.

Whole career of 9 years I worked with adults and children who have nothing to do with the professional modeling. Very often I meet people and hear: "I do not like my pictures, I do not like posing, I do not look good in pictures! Could you do something?".

After wedding or family session we part and then I hear: "Oh, it was really changing experience! It was super fun and creative team work! I feel I will love and cherish these pictures for the rest of my life!"

I always try to find a way to a natural, real, unposed picture and to put human soul into it.

My clients value me for simple, colorful and positive reflection of their lives in photos.


Each wedding / photo session package may be customized to suit your. There are varieties of options that best meet your needs. 

Available for national and international travel.

I speak english, russian, spanish. Thank you for your enquiry!

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