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Event Photography

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Important events in pictures


SEMANA SANTA is a week before Easter. In the region of Andalusia, Spain culturally and liturgically it is the most important week of the year. Every day, the church fraternities travel through the streets of the cities, carrying Christ‘s and Mary's thrones. In the thrones 16th-18th centuries sculptures, decorated in gold, silver and flowers. The thrones are carried approximately by 150 bearers, each accompanied by an orchestra and escort dressed in traditional religious closes. The procession duration time is about 6 hours. Townspeople and city guests observe these processions on the streets and balconies. Each city in the region has its own traditions of rituals. I had opportunity to observe SEMANA SANTA in Antequera.

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Every 4 years THE LITHUANIAN SONG FESTIVAL takes place in Vilnius, Lithuania.  Dance Day is an important part of these celebrations.  It’s an interpretation of customs, traditions, and symbols through professionally created dance choreography.  For one week 9000 dancers live together and rehearse in a single stadium. I’ve lived with the participants and have documented these moments.

Click here for the interview on Lithuanian National Television (from 25:38 minute).

Reportages by Laima Drukneryte

Reportages by Laima Drukneryte


Visual & written stories

Visual & written stories by Laima Drukneryte

Visual & written stories by Laima Drukneryte

Good photography is worth a thousand words. However, sometimes it is very important to tell a written story too, to understand it more deeply. In such cases, a journalistic approach comes to my photograpy. Recent works:

Social projects


About the society we live in

On October 2017, together with "The People with Down Syndrome and Their Custodians Association" we have launched a social photo project "I Can Do More Than You Think. Just Let Me Prove It. „The aim of this campaign was to continue the educational work to increase the level of tolerance for people with disabilities. The project ended with an exhibition.

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Social projects by Laima Drukneryte

Social projects by Laima Drukneryte


Family Documentary


Your family’s love, happiness, chaos and drama

No blurry background here. In this style of photography background is highlighted and is used to add a deeper dimension, to focus on that which we overlook in daily life. What inspires me to create the images the way I do?  Childhood itself. I see childhood as the most positive period of a person’s life. In childhood daily life happens moods, emotions, relationships, brilliant ideas, freedom. All this dynamic exists in each and every family. It’s mine, as a photographer’s choice, to select particular moments, to tell the family’s story. So I choose positive ones.

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Family documentary by Laima Drukneryte

Family documentary by Laima Drukneryte


Beauty Portraits

Beauty Portraits by Laima Drukneryte

Beauty Portraits by Laima Drukneryte

The woman inside you

 Unforgettable experience and pictures of your femininity. Whatever your age, height or weight... It doesn't matter if you have never been in front of a lens before. What matters is that you are a woman with your history, experience and your unique beauty. Inside and outside. My task is to create your portraits that will give you new strengths and  inspire you. These portraits are a gift to yourself.



Weddings by Laima Drukneryte

Weddings by Laima Drukneryte

Memories you will cherish forever

Life, people, emotions. This aspect of my wedding photography hasn’t changed in my 10 years as a professional. I look forward to raw emotions, sincere smiles, and the joy of the Wedding day.

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Creative corporate photography


Portfolio portraits and everyday life

For the past few years I’ve been working for "The American International School of Vilnius" (AISV) teachers and students.  I have documented the school's everyday life and created teacher portraits.

I’m keen on working with various creatives, artists, painters. I love to see they daily life through my lens and create portraits of them.

Teacher’s portraits by Laima Drukneryte

Teacher’s portraits by Laima Drukneryte