WALLY(58) and HERBERT (70)


Number years campervanning: 41


Wally’s Story: We learned about Mar Manor Bay while traveling through Croatia. People told us that there’s a gentle breeze and a bay where it is safe to windsurf. When we first arrived, we stayed at the La Manga campsite, but the place did not leave any impression. On the contrary, we traveled by car through the campsite and thought - what's going on here? Elderly people talked, drank wine, laughed. We had originally thought we would stay just that one time, but we have been coming back for twelve years now.


We travel and live at the camp in the spring and autumn. Every day we get up, get coffee, go for a walk, go birdwatching, talk to people. If the wind is not suitable for windsurfing, we get on the motorcycle and drive to find a new tapas place. Herbert is a very charismatic, open-minded man, so people are drawn to him. It doesn't bother me, because it makes many unexpected, wonderful things happen in my life. I allow Herbert to be himself. We have been together for thirty-two years.

When he met me, he felt in love with me right away - I was a freckled redhead. And he had a camper! Even back then I thought it was fantastic. Thirty years ago we knew we wanted to travel a lot and live the way we live now. Year after year we worked, we saved up some money, we traveled around Europe. We wanted to see the world. Normal life is not for us, so we have just a small house in the Alps where we spend our summers and winters. We travel the rest of the time.

We chose this lifestyle. My mum is complaining that we didn’t have any kids. But it's our life and we can do with it whatever we want. I worked in the medical field and retired early at forty-seven. People tried to scare us, “What are you doing? Because you retired early, you will end up with no money,” they said. But we still have enough, especially that we don't have to worry about kids or grandkids.

I have been windsurfing since I was twenty-three, and Herbert has been playing guitar for almost fifty years.  Music was an important part of Herbert’s life growing up Nowadays, he plays the guitar two hours a day – he is learning new songs and sings in several languages. It is very good exercise for the brain.

When he plays, he gets younger. And when he sang “La Paloma” the other day, the Spaniards came and kissed him. We believe that it is important to be open and friendly with those around us, but we never engage in well-meaning attempts of being told how to live our lives, as the most important thing for us is to be able to live our lives our way.