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STEFFI (71) and STAN (68)

I had only ever been on holiday five times with my late husband. We raised three sons together. He used to say that we will go on vacation when we retire.  He died on the second day of retirement. I didn't want my life to end with the loss of my husband - I was just fifty-eight. I thought, “What did I do in my life? Nothing! I have devoted all of me to my family, and now I want to have time for myself.”

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GRACE (63) and ALEX (67)

Some people get married, have children. They build better, bigger, more spacious, more expensive homes. For us, our home was just a family house, a building. In 2002 we lost our son. Aged just twenty-two he died in a car crash. This tragic event had changed our outlook on life. We realized that life is very short and if you have the opportunity – you need to do whatever it is that you want without delay. 

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WALLY(58) and HERBERT (70)

We chose this lifestyle. Mum is complaining that we didn’t have any kids. But it's our life and we can do with it whatever we want. I worked in the medical field and retired early at forty-seven. People tried to scare us, “What are you doing? Because you retired early, you will end up with no money,” they said. But we still have enough, especially that we don't have to worry about kids or grandkids.

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