GRACE (63) and ALEX (67)

From Scotland

Number of winters living abroad: 12


Grace’s Story: We have always told ourselves that we want to travel when we retire. Twelve years ago, we met a couple who told us about the possibility of renting home and traveling and living in a campsite during that time. That sounded very appealing. We bought a camper and left for two weeks for the first time.

Next year, we spent three months camping. Together with the British Camping and Caravanning Club, we discovered La Manga camping in Spain. That year we helped the club organize events, so we were invited to come again next year to organize events for the whole campsite. Every winter we stayed a bit longer, until finally, in 2007 we decided to sell our house in Scotland.

Throughout his life Alex tried his hand at many different jobs - driving a truck, working as a manager, writing a script for comedy. And here at the camp his dream came true - he became an event organizer. We are full of ideas and work together - we choose music, we organize events with posters, decorations. The events are sometimes attended by as many as 190 people! Our audience is international, so we learn French, Spanish, and German words so that we can address them. This year we organized a Eurovision party. The average age of the participants was over seventy-five. Many of them were real party stars!

Some people get married, have children. They build better, bigger, more spacious, more expensive homes. For us, our home was just a family house, a building. In 2002 we lost our son. Aged just twenty-two he died in a car crash. This tragic event had changed our outlook on life. We realized that life is very short and if you have the opportunity – you need to do whatever it is that you want without delay.


We had a hard time losing our son. Many couples cannot withstand such tension and start blaming each other. For us, there was no one to blame. We just came to realize that life would not be as it was. The most important thing is not to withdraw, but to interact and seek support. We have succeeded.

The secret of our forty-one year ongoing marriage is that we can laugh in any situation, and while laughing, we see light again.