ELSA (65) and JORAN (70)

From Sweden

Number years campervanning: 41


Joran’s Story: Forty years ago, we started traveling in a camper. We have visited almost all of the European countries, except Spain and France. We have saved these countries for traveling through when we retire. It has been five years now that we travel through France to Spain for winter and return to Sweden for the summer.

Our camper is the only house we have. We had a big house, but we didn’t live in it because we travelled so often, so we sold it and bought an apartment. But we didn’t live there either. So, we sold the apartment too. Why keep it if you’re not going to live there?

Now, we feel free. We tell people how good life is when you live a campervan lifestyle. One day you look out and see the mountains, another day you look out and see a lake or a sea. Every day can be different if you want. It is a freedom that you would not otherwise have.

I have rheumatism, I broke my back in a car accident. With the bad weather back home I’d be much less mobile - I'd be locked at the trolley at home. But here I ride the electric bicycle, I talk to people. I not only feel mobile – I feel alive.

Of course, you need to have enough money to support the campervan lifestyle. It is important to have enough for the basics: camping fees, leisure time activities and entertainment, going out to eat at least once a week. And of course, savings are needed to pay for unexpected expenses.

It is possible that we are the last generation of seniors who are able to live on their pension. We are happy, but it doesn’t look like it will be quite so good for the next generation. Nowadays, as soon as young people start working, they start saving up for their retirement. When we were young, we didn’t think about it.


We think long-term camping as a lifestyle will not go away. It will be popular because it is a cheap and interesting lifestyle. Many Swedes are already camping all year round.

We make friends in campings. We stay in touch with some of the people we meet for a few weeks, with others we stay in touch for life. There are some who even come to visit us. If you want to communicate with people, you have to learn languages. We speak German and English. My wife has a blog, so many people get in touch and ask us about various camping issues. Last week, we met a couple whom we were in touch with online for two years – they have decided to come out here.

I always liked my life. For example, right now we get to enjoy the sun in the middle of winter, good food and great company. Every age is good in its own way. When you are twenty - you go to the clubs and pick up girls. When you are forty, you play golf. When you are seventy, you feel like you’re twenty again, just at this stage of life other things become pleasurable. Now I love sitting with friends and sipping whiskey, talking about what was and what will be and enjoying the moment.