DAVID (71)

From England

Number of winters living abroad: 16


I retired at fifty-five because I was a psychiatric nurse at the prison department. Most people retire at sixty-five, but I’ve got ten extra years. At that time, I didn't know what to do next. Although I lived in my own house, I bought a camper and decided to spend the winter abroad. An acquaintance of mine told me about winter camping in Spain. Since then, I have returned here every year.


At first, I wintered in Spain for four months because I helped my working daughter and her husband to look after my grandchildren, helped take them to school. Now the youngest grandson goes to school by himself, and I no longer need to take care of him, so I have more time to myself.

My daughter and son love my lifestyle. They are always busy, lead their own lives. They call and ask,” Hola! Where are you? How are you?” If ever a situation arises, I can lock the camper and be back in England in a few hours. Distance is not a problem, because I do not live in Australia. I see my loved ones on Facebook. If they organize a party they upload photos, so I know what they are up to.

I have a lot of friends and activities when I live this way of life: I swim, cycle, play the guitar or drums. In La Manga we play in the club - everyone who wants to come can hear us play. I play in the nearby church. I like sunbathing and lying on the beach listening to the waves and thinking or just walking around the park.

My days are different, I don't know what tomorrow will bring. So I'm looking forward to tomorrow. How do I feel being alone? I feel OK. Here’s one unmarried neighbor, and there’s another one. Some have partners and they are all my friends. I talk to them because it's nice to be easier than disgusting.

I don’t feel like I’m tied to my house - but I know a lot of people who do. I have one camper in Spain and another one in England. When I get home, I get bank accounts and similar things at the address of my son-in-law. This is my mobile address. Through online banking, I can see what’s happening on my account. I have enough money to be able to live this way and live until I die or until the money runs out.