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Harvest 2019 has started

We arrived at the vineyard just before sunrise. The clouds seemed to be coming down so low that they could be reached by hand. My desire to help picking grapes was quickly extinguished by the professional grape pickers. I couldn't believe how fast grapes goes from tree to box, from box to bodega. When professionals work, all you have to do is watch (and do not forget to take pictures).

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Las Antequeranas Vol.2

The traje de flamenca is the dress traditionally worn by women at Ferias (festivals) in Andalusia, Spain. This traditional women‘s costume has undergone changes over the century or more that it has been in widespread use. The skirts became shorter and after few years dropped back to the ankle again. Patterns and colors of materials are constantly changing During traditional festivities, women wearing these dresses still inspire a number of works of art.

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Sunrise in Antequera with Juan

Juan, fitness and yoga instructor at All Fitness Antequera: "After 10 years I will buy a motorhome, take my bike and travel to foreign countries. "Today I have a dream job minus one thing: I can not travel far and long."

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