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Las Antequeranas Vol.2

The traje de flamenca is the dress traditionally worn by women at Ferias (festivals) in Andalusia, Spain. This traditional women‘s costume has undergone changes over the century or more that it has been in widespread use. The skirts became shorter and after few years dropped back to the ankle again. Patterns and colors of materials are constantly changing During traditional festivities, women wearing these dresses still inspire a number of works of art.

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Aventura de Colores

The 3rd "Colorful Adventure 2019" march of Antequera, Spain was a charity event organized by the NGO “Aventura Solidaria Antequera”, which works for the benefit of people, families and groups in need in the town, in collaboration with the Municipality of Antequera. It is an annual non-competitive march focused, above all, on fun, and in which the main attraction is the launch of colored powders on the participants, which gives a special color to the event and the subsequent party.

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Semana Santa en Antequera, Andalusia

SEMANA SANTA is a week before Easter. In the region of Andalusia, Spain culturally and liturgically it is the most important week of the year. Every day, the church fraternities travel through the streets of the cities, carrying Christ‘s and Mary's thrones. In the thrones 16th-18th centuries sculptures, decorated in gold, silver and flowers.

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