Article in the lithuanian magazine IQ LIFE

Near the Mar Menor lagoon in Murcia, Spain in „La Manga“ camping  wintertime is full of retirement age people from across Europe. They enjoy Spanish sunshine living in caravans, campers and motorhomes. The first image I captured on arrival - gray heads and huge smiles. Watching these people I was wondering: why do they sell their homes at that age, leave grandchildren and go for a journey in foreign country of thousands of kilometers away to live half year in the car? Why are the elders dancing at the parties like crazy and the youngest dancer on the dance floor is seventy-five? After the week spent with them, I left camping with the only question to myself: if I will reach retirement age, what would I like my life then to be?

I invite you to read the stories of the joy and wisdom I have recorded in the lithuanian magazine IQ LIFE June issue, 2019

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